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Congratulations to you for having the opportunity to study overseas! It is an important step for your future. This is also an exciting phase in your life as you get to travel and see the world.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly when you study overseas, you may wish to consider MSIG’s Overseas Student Insurance – tailor-made for students studying abroad. The plan is designed to protect you against unforeseen situations so that you will have peace of mind to concentrate on your studies.

Andrew is one of about 45,000 Malaysian students studying overseas every year. The only child of parents living in KL, he is a typical fun-loving 17-year old. He is studying for his Engineering degree in UK and this is his first time away from home for longer than 3 months. During the December holidays, Andrew and his friends decided to celebrate Christmas in Germany.
“I didn’t think it was a big deal so I didn’t call home. We rented a car and stayed at a student hostel. But on the way back from dinner we met with an accident. Luckily no lives were lost but I broke my right leg. The paramedics brought me to a hospital and that’s where more problems began. I couldn’t speak German and couldn’t communicate with the hospital staff. Couldn’t reach my parents because of the time difference, and when I did reach them, they were worried about the hospital fees in Euros. I lost my passport and baggage in the accident as well.” – Andrew
However, the situation was completely different for his friend Mohan.
"My parents bought MSIG’s Overseas Student Insurance Plan and all I needed to do was contact MSIG Assist and they swung into action with their 24-hour medical team and interpreter services, liaised with the hospital and acted as my guarantor for the hospital fees, kept my parents updated of the condition and even helped with contacting the embassy for the lost documents." - Mohan

All I needed to do was contact MSIG Assist and they swung into action with their 24-hour medical team and interpreter services.


MSIG Overseas Student Insurance offers peace of mind for students and parents.

* The services depicted are the main ones.
For other benefits like PA, Temporary Accommodation, please refer to the brochure.

MSIG ASSIST* - 24-Hour Worldwide Assistance – Free with MSIG Overseas Student Insurance

Wherever you are in the world, you can rely on MSIG Assist to come to your rescue.

  • Pre-travel Advice on visa and vaccination requirements.
  • Medical Assistance in an emergency or if an evacuation or repatriation is required.
  • Travel Assistance pertaining to lost luggage, passports, money and credit cards.

 The number to call: +603 – 7965 3930 (24-hour hotline)

You can reverse charge or ask Helpline operators to return your call so you do not need to worry about the call charges.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Nomination is important to ensure that your loved ones get the protection that you intended.

To assist you in understanding ‘Nomination’, we have come up with simple FAQs below. 

1.    Why do I have to nominate?

Nomination is important to ensure that your loved ones will receive the protection as intended by you and that policy moneys may be paid out by insurers without any delay.  Where no nomination is made, the policy moneys will be paid out to your lawful executor (if you have made a Will) or your lawful administrator (if no Will has been made) – this process will take a while.

*If there is no lawful executor or administrator, then the policy moneys will be paid out to the rightful persons in accordance with applicable distribution laws.

2.    Who can I nominate?

You can nominate any individual(s) you want.  HOWEVER, not all nominees will receive the policy moneys beneficially or for their own use.  Depending on your marital status and who you nominate, nominations may produce unexpected results for the nominee(s).  Likewise, nominations by a Muslim policy owner and non-Muslim policy owner will have different consequences.

How so?

Nominations made by a non-Muslim policy owner will create either (i) a trust policy in favour of the nominee(s) or (ii) a non-trust policy.

To ensure that your nominee(s) receive the policy moneys as intended, you need to ensure that a trust policy is created in favour of your nominee(s).

3.    How do you create a trust policy?

Trust policy will be created:

(a)   if the nominee is your spouse or child; or

(b)  if the nominee is your parent (provided that there is no living spouse or child at the time you make the nomination).

4.    What if I nominate someone else as my nominee(s)?

In such as case, you are creating a non-trust policy.  Here, your nominee will only receive the policy moneys as executor and distribute the policy moneys in accordance with your Will or where there is no Will, in accordance with applicable distribution laws.  If you intend for these nominee(s) to receive the policy moneys beneficially and not as executor, you will need to assign the policy benefits to them.

In brief, if you nominate people other than your spouse, children or parents, make sure to assign the policy benefits to them to ensure that they receive the policy moneys for their own use.  Please contact MSIG if you require more information on this.

5.    What about Muslim policy owner?

Nominee(s) irrespective of the relationship with the policy owner can only receive the policy moneys as executor and the policy moneys must be distributed in accordance with Islamic laws.

6.    I did not make any nomination and Will.  How will the policy moneys be distributed?

The policy moneys as well as your other assets will be distributed in accordance with applicable distribution laws.

For West Malaysia and Sarawak, the Distribution Act 1958 applies, where the policy moneys and assets will be divided between your surviving spouse, children and parent(s) in certain proportions.

The Distribution Act 1958 is however not applicable to Muslims in West Malaysia and natives in Sarawak.  For Sabah, policy moneys and assets will be distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession Ordinance 1960.

7.    How do I make a nomination?

It is easy to make a nomination.  You can download the PA Insurance Nomination Form provided in this website or you may contact us and request for a copy.  Complete and return the original PA Insurance Nomination Form to MSIG for our further action  – you may wish to refer to the sample completed form for reference. 

Please make sure that the form is duly signed and witnessed by someone who is 18 years old and above, of sound mind and not a named nominee, failing which the nomination may be deemed invalid.

*The FAQs are provided for general information only. For detailed provisions on nomination, please refer to Schedule 10 of Financial Services Act 2013. 

To download a copy of the Personal Accident Insurance Nomination Form, please click on the link below.

8.    Can I being the insured revoke the nomination made earlier in my trust policy?

Yes, you can revoke the nomination under your trust policy but under the law you must obtain the written consent of the trustee before the revocation can be valid. (Refer to explanation in question 3 above). Hence, if you wish to revoke the nomination, you may download the Consent Form provided by us through the link below for completion. After the submission of the completed Consent Form and new Nomination Form to us, we will pass an endorsement for a change of nominee to your trust policy.

Specimen Personal Accident Insurance Nomination Form
Personal Accident Insurance Nomination Form
Consent Form for Revocation of Nomination

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