MSIG Malaysia
Covers you against
  • Loss/damage to the buildings caused by the insured perils mentioned in the policy (Houseowner (Building) Insurance)
  • Loss/damage to the contents in the premises caused by the insured perils mentioned in the policy (Householders (Contents) Insurance/All-In-Home Insurance)
General Guidelines on Claims
  • In the case of theft, report to the Police immediately. Obtain a copy of the Police Report.
  • In the case of fire, notify the Fire Brigade immediately. Obtain a copy of the Fire Brigade's Report.
  • Notify MSIG immediately after the incident. Describe the time, date, extent and cause of the loss or damage.
  • Complete the Property Insurance Claim Form with full details and return to MSIG as soon as possible together with the relevant documents. If the loss is minor, provide photographs showing the cause and extent of the loss or damage. Adjusters will be appointed for large losses.
Documents required
  • A full list of the destroyed or damaged or lost items
  • Original purchase invoices of the destroyed, damaged or lost items, if available
  • Two repair or replacement quotations of the damaged or lost items for assessment and comparison
  • Technical Report (if item struck by lightning)
  • Police Report (in case of theft)
  • Fire Brigade Report (in case of fire)

Do not discard, remove or commence any repair works of the destroyed or damaged items without receiving MSIG's approval.

Theft Claim

1. If I only have Houseowner (Building) Insurance, what can I claim in the event of theft?

You can claim for costs of repair to the damage to the building as a result of theft or attempted theft.

2. Is the loss of cash at home covered during theft?

The policy does not cover loss of cash in the event of theft.

3. I have a maid, do you also cover their personal effects?

Yes, if you have a Householders (Content) Insurance policy. The domestic servant must reside in the same house.

4. What if I am leaving the country and my house is left vacant, will my house still be covered?

Yes, to a limit not exceeding 90 days. If the house is left vacant for more than 90 days, you need to inform us and additional premium will be charged accordingly.

5. How are claims for lost items paid?

Lost items are paid in accordance with the current market value at the time of the loss less betterment, if applicable.

6. Does the policy also cover household pets?

No, the policy does not cover household pets.

Fire & Other Damages Claim

1. My TV was struck by lightning. Can I claim under my policy?

Yes, you may submit a claim provided that your policy extends to cover contents.

2. Is the loss of cash at home covered in the event of fire?

The policy does not cover loss of cash in the event of fire.

3. How is the loss of my contents determined in the event of total loss?

In the event of a total loss, a Loss Adjuster will be appointed to assist in assessing the amount of loss.

4. How are claims for damaged items paid?

Damaged items are paid in accordance with the current market value at the time of the loss less betterment, if applicable.

5. Am I able to purchase the Houseowner Insurance if I am renting out the premises?

Yes, you can.

6. If the house I rented out is deemed to be uninhabitable as a result of a fire or flood event, am I able to claim for the loss of rent?

Yes, you are able to do so if the house is rendered uninhabitable. The limit of compensation is not to exceed in the aggregate 10% or up to the limit as endorsed on the total sum insured on building and/or contents.

7. What about the damage to my vehicles parked in my driveway?

The policy does not cover vehicles. Please refer to your Motor Insurance Policy.

All-In-Home Insurance Claim

1. What are Valuables and how much are they covered for?

Valuables refer to precious metals or precious stones, jewellery, watches, curios and works of art. Each article or item is covered up to RM3,000 and in aggregate is up to 1/3 of the total Sum Insured on contents.

2. Do I need to provide lists of home contents to be insured?

You do not need to do so. There are however specific limits applicable.

3. How do I compute my home contents Sum Insured?

The Sum Insured should represent the full value of your home renovations, household contents and personal belongings to you and your family members who are permanently residing with you at current day values.

4. If I already have other personal accident policy, will I be entitled for the similar benefits under this policy in the event of an accidental death or total permanent disablement?

Yes, you will be paid on top of your other personal accident policies.

5. In the event of a fire, is fire brigade charges incurred in obtaining the report payable?

Yes, the amount payable for fire brigade charges is on reimbursement basis, subject to a limit of RM500.00.

6. Is the policy extended to cover personal belongings and effects such as shoes or bicycles etc. which kept outside the premises but within the compound?


7. What are the claims documents required to qualify for the burglary/ robbery harm allowance?

Police report on the incident and the medical certificate of at least 1 day sick leave, granted and issued by medical practitioner.

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