MSIG Malaysia

Covers you against

  • Critical Illness as specified in your policy and the person must survive for at least 14 days after the diagnosis is made. 

General Claims Guidelines

Step 1

Notify MSIG

  • Notify MSIG of the claim or potential claim within the notification period of 30 days.
  • Click here to download the Critical Illness Claim Form.
  • Complete Section A of the Critical Illness Claim Form.

Step 2

Prepare the supporting documents

  • Prepare the following documents:
    • Duly completed Critical Illness Claim Form Section B by the attending doctor.
    • Histopathology/Biopsy Reports (for Cancer/Benign Tumour).
    • ECG Report and Enzyme Assays Report (for Heart Attack).
    • CT Scan/MRI Scan/PET Scan results (for Stroke).
    • Laboratory and Test results (as specified in the Doctor’s Statement for the type of claim which you are claiming for).
    • Police Report, where applicable.
    • Certified copy of your NRIC or passport where applicable.

Note: The listings of documents required are only a guide and we reserve our right to request for further information as and when necessary.

Step 3

Submit Your Claim

  • Submit your claim to MSIG within 30 days from the date you are discharged.
  • By post: Mail the completed claim form(s) with all supporting documents to the mailing address listed on the claim form.
  • Through Insurance Adviser: Submit the completed claim form(s) with all supporting document(s) to your Insurance Adviser.
  • E-submission via email at Provide scanned copies of the originals claims documents.