MSIG Malaysia
Compensates you
  • In the event of death or injury as a result of an accident.
General Claims Guidelines
  • Notify MSIG immediately for any event that may give rise to a claim under the policy.
  • Complete and submit the Claim Form to MSIG as soon as possible together with the following documents:
    • For Non-fatal case
      • Medical Report
      • Original Medical Bills and Receipts
    • For Fatal case
      • Copy of Police Report
      • Copy of Death Certificate
      • Copy of Post-mortem Report
      • Burial Certificate
      • Letter of Administration

MSIG ASSIST* - 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Service
  • Emergency Medical Advice and Assistance
  • International Travel Assistance
    The number to call: +603 - 7841 5620 (24-hour hotline)

Terms and conditions apply.

1. Are medical expenses involving Chinese physicians covered?

Yes, the policy covers Chinese physician/bonesetter expenses up to a maximum of RM250 per consultation.


2. What are the exclusions under the policy?

The policy does not cover:

  • Sickness or disease, or gradual physical and mental wear and tear
  • Certain types of hazardous activities such as parachuting, hang gliding and racing other than on foot.
  • Events arising from war, terrorism, suicide, intentional self-injury, pregnancy, childbirth, pre-existing physical or mental defects or drug.
  • HIV and/or HIV related illness including AIDS.

(Full details are contained in the Personal Accident Policy)

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