MSIG Malaysia
Covers you against
  • Eligible medical and hospital expenses incurred as a direct result of an accident or a covered illness.
General Claims Guidelines
  • On Reimbursement Basis:
    1. Notify MSIG immediately for any event that may give rise to a claim under the policy
    2. Complete the appropriate claim form (s) and submit to MSIG within 30 days of discharged:
      • Pre- Authorisation Form
      • Critical Illness (if applicable) - please contact MSIG Claims Department
    3. Provide originals of all relevant documents and bills/receipts
    4. The attending doctor must complete all questions in Section II of the Pre-Authorisation Form, rubber stamp and sign it.
  • Hospitalisation Claims On Payment Guarantee Arrangement : (Subject to your claim being covered by the policy and applicable to admission to Panel Hospital only)
    • Applicable if you have MSIG Assist Card
    • Contact MSIG Assist 24-hour Hotline at 603-7628 3980
    • Verification on the validity of the policy is required
    • Completed claims details must be made available to the MSIG Assist Centre
  • General Claims Guidelines for Emergency Medical Evacuation (applicable to Healthcare International Premier and Golden Premier plans only)
    • Contact MSIG Assist 24-hour Hotline at 603-7628 3980
    • The co-ordinating doctors at MSIG Assist Centre will decide on the method and destination for the evacuation. Decision are made strictly on medical grounds
    • War zones and the likes are excluded
  • MSIG Assist Card which contains your policy information for easy admission to any of our panel hospitals in Malaysia.
  • MSIG will provide a Guarantee Letter for in-hospital treatment at the panel hospital.
    • Just contact the MSIG Assist hotline in advance, with all relevant information.

The number to call: +603 - 7628 3980 (24-hour hotline)

* Terms and conditions apply.