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When you have worked hard to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, it can be devastating to have everything taken away by critical illness or a serious accident. With early treatment and modern medicines, you can survive critical illness. However, the cost of surviving can be higher than sudden death because treatment, hospitalisation and professional care are expensive. This is where MSIG can help you. MSIG’s Ladies Lifestyle Protection is an insurance plan exclusively for ladies and offers peace of mind by providing protection for health conditions of particular concern to the fairer gender.

At 36, Minnie is happily married with 2 kids. Few years ago, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. She underwent a mastectomy as recommended by her doctor and went through the cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. She has been cancer-free so far.

I enjoy my life even more now and this is what I’ve learned – never neglect your health, plan your finances ahead of time, illness does not affect the patient alone, but it affects the entire family, survival rate is high and cost of surviving is equally high and it’s not just about surviving, it’s about the ability to ensure the family’s lifestyle continues as well.


“Not only do we need to worry about the financial responsibilities but it is important to us that our kid’s lifestyle are not too drastically affected. So yes, I am glad my husband purchased MSIG’s Ladies Critical Illness policy when it was recommended by his insurance advisor. The extra RM100,000* came in handy to complement our medical and other insurance plans and as well provide for the loss of income and extra home help we needed most. There are also medical aids we bought. It also helped us to have a short family holiday, which we really needed with the kids.”– Minnie

Critical points to consider:

  • Do you think you will survive more than 14 days if you’re an unfortunate victim of a critical illness?
  • Do you have RM100,000 cash ready as emergency funds?
  • If yes, how long did it take you to save that RM100,000?
  • If you need emergency funds, where would it come from?

*For Minnie’s case her annual premium was RM593 for a RM100,000 cover.
The insurance premium qualifies for Medical Insurance Tax Relief.

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