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Fire. Burglary. Armed robbery. These are just some of the most common risks your home is exposed to every day. With a MSIG policy that covers almost any event, you can protect your family home and personal possessions from loss. Now, that’s peace of mind.

MSIG expedited the claims process to their Houseowner Insurance policyholders by offering on the spot settlement to 258 homes in Johor/Malacca during the floods in December 2006.

Plus, damage caused to buildings caused by careless driver* is also claimable as Impact Damage under Houseowner Insurance.

*Only if the car does not belong to or under your control.

Encik Ahmad has just moved into his new home with a new auto gate installed. He was really upset when his new auto gate (cost him RM 1,000) and his astro decoder, alarm system and telephone systems were all damaged by lightning.
“Especially after paying all the renovation costs, I really did not need another bill/expenses”.
So when he spoke to his MSIG insurance agent, he was pleasantly surprised to know his auto gate is covered under his Houseowner Insurance policy. But because he did not take up his agent’s earlier advice to insure his contents, he had no insurance cover for the damaged electrical items.

We all learn our lesson from events like this. Now I know my Houseowner Insurance covers my house for so many other events like impact damage, flood, theft, typhoon, windstorm other than just fire. And yes, I asked my agent to quickly arrange home contents cover for me too. After all, lightning can strike my house again.

Encik Ahmad

Your policy comes with FREE Assistance

A thousand and one emergencies can happen in your home any minute. A roof leak, blocked drains, a ruptured pipe, a short circuit, or perhaps you forgot your keys and could not get in. All these misfortunes always seem to happen at the wrong time and cause a great deal of inconvenience to you. MSIG Home Assist can help you with your household problems.    

Contact 1-300-880-863 or click here  for more details about Home Assist.

For Residential Properties:

The Building Cost Calculator (BCC) is intended to use as a guide to help you in determining the estimated sum to be insured for your residential house or shop house.

You should review your sum insured and estimate the likely cost of rebuilding your home to its current specification.  This is to minimize the problem of under-insurance so that you will not be inadequately compensated in event of a loss.   

If you are buying a new home, it’s just as important that you estimate the potential cost of rebuilding it as this amount probably different from the price you had paid for the property. The estimated cost of rebuilding would be the Sum Insured on your policy.  

You are advised to consult an expert in rebuilding cost such as a registered valuer, quantity surveyor or licensed builder if your home has been extensively renovated and /or have unique non standard designs.

Please click to below link to PIAM website for the BCC calculator:

Home Assist

Contact Home Assist for your home referral services.

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