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Home is where family is, a place for loved ones to live, relax and be themselves after a long working day. However, home is also the most common place for accidents to happen, especially among young children and seniors. Thankfully, these accidents are usually minor, but they could also cause serious injuries that require hospitalisation. MSIG is now offering an add-on to your Houseowner/Householder Insurance that provides a daily cash benefit for up to a maximum of 30 consecutive days of hospitalisation for injuries resulting from an accident that occurred in your home or from insured perils or events under your Houseowner/Householder Insurance, or for COVID-19 including Home Surveillance Order (HSO) at a gazetted Quarantine Station, or dengue fever. This Hospitalisation Inconvenience Benefit add-on covers up to a maximum of six named family members (domestic helpers included) who are between the ages of 15 days and 75 years residing in your home. 

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