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MSIG Partners with Food Aid Foundation for Pledge A Difference Initiative

26 Nov 2021 Announcements

Update 23 December 2021 - At MSIG, we embrace the spirit of giving and goodwill whenever the need arises in our community. Our latest effort is a RM50,000 donation to Food Aid Foundation to ease the burden of many B40 families facing difficult times.

In conjunction with this contribution, MSIG will also be matching your donations to Food Aid Foundation ringgit-to-ringgit with the aim of raising another RM30,000 through our Pledge A Difference initiative that runs from 26 November 2021 to 25 January 2022. 

It only takes RM75 to help one family. With our RM50,000 donation and another RM60,000 raised, the funds will go towards helping 1,466 families and homes in need. 

So let’s put our helping hands together. You and MSIG.

Donate with us by clicking here and make a difference today.


1.     Which organization am I donating to?

You are donating to Food Aid Foundation through MSIG’s ‘Pledge A Difference’ goodwill initiative that aims to provide food essentials to the B40 community.

2.     Who is Food Aid Foundation?

Food Aid Foundation (FAF) is a non-profit governmental organization (NGO) incorporated on 2013 that is where manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, companies or people can donate their unused food which will then be collected and distributed to charitable/welfare homes, volunteer welfare organisations, poor families, destitute persons and soup kitchens. (adapted from Food Aid Foundation website).   

In short, Food Aid Foundation rescues surplus food from the supply chain and distributing food to people in need. MSIG has worked with Food Aid Foundation to supply food and support for flood-victims in Penang and Kelantan. 

Over the last two years FAF has been receiving donations to supply and feed those who have been affected by the pandemic. 

3.     How much will MSIG actually be donating during this campaign?

MSIG has already donated RM50,000 to Food Aid Foundation for their excellent outreach to the communities. RM10,000 from this donation is used to provide relief to flood victims. This campaign aims to add RM60,000 to help them continue to reach B40 families across the nation – RM30,000 from donors, RM30,000 from us on a ringgit-to-ringgit basis.

4.     How do I make sure that my donation is counted towards the Pledge a Difference initiative?

In Food Aid Foundation's donation form, there are two things that you should do. There is a specific question to ask that your donation is tagged, select MSIG. When asked for your reference please also add MSIG to your name.

5.     What does my donation contribute towards?

This year, Food Aid Foundation has been working to provide support to B40 communities who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – those who have lost their source of income or their primary caregivers. Your donations will be used to provide food essentials to these families and individuals.

6.     Do I need a Google account to access the Google Form?

You can access Food Aid Foundation's donation form using any valid email address.

If you wish to make a donation, please click here or scan the QR code below to be redirected to the Google Form.

      FAF Update 4

7.     How can I get a tax exemption receipt for my donation?

You will be asked if you need a tax exemption receipt from Food Aid Foundation in their donation form. If you would like to receive a tax exemption receipt, please answer ‘Yes’ in this question.

You will also be asked to provide a IC/Passport/company registration number should you require a tax exemption receipt.

A softcopy of the receipt will be emailed to you. In this email, you will be asked to provide further details should you need a hardcopy of the receipt to be mailed to you.

For more information, please refer to Revised Guidelines by LHDN at Food Aid Foundation’s website here.

        FAF Update 5

8.     What are the steps to make a donation?

        Step 1: Complete Food Aid Foundation’s donation form.

        a) Fill in your personal details and the amount that you wish to donate by ticking the selection: 

    - RM75.00 (1 family)

    - RM150.00 (2 families)

    - RM300.00 (4 families)

    - RM750.00 (10 families or 1 welfare home)

    - RM1,500.00 (20 families or 2 welfare homes)

    - Other: Any other amount than stated above. Please indicate the amount.

b) In the ‘Donation Tagged’ column, select ‘MSIG’ to donate under MSIG’s Pledge A Difference initiative.

c) Click ‘Submit’.

Step 2: Bank Transfer

a) Donate the amount that you have indicated in Food Aid Foundation’s donation form. The donation can be made via bank transfer to the account below:

     - Name: Food Aid Foundation

     - Bank: Maybank

     - Account no: 5 647 80 165577

     - Indicate ‘MSIG’ and your name in the Reference column on the transaction page. Example: MSIG (Jane Doe)

 b) Once payment has been made, please save a copy of the receipt as you would need to email the receipt to Food Aid Foundation. 

Step 3: Email the payment receipt to Food Aid Foundation at