MSIG Malaysia

The Policy aims to define one of the most important values of the Group – universal respect of individual rights. This commitment is the building block to a positive and productive work force, contributing to employee satisfaction and achievement of the Group’s business objectives in the long run.


The Company believes that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect. As a socially responsible employer, it is our obligation to create a totally open and harmonious culture where the fundamental rights of each individual employee are protected. The promotion of a bias-free, positive working environment is a commitment that every business unit will undertake. In the application of this policy, we will advocate for the same level of commitment from our business partners and suppliers where we can exercise an influence.

MSIG is an equal opportunity employer. We are guided by the same principle of non-discrimination in the treatment of employees, customers, business associates and individuals with whom we have contact.

We believe that a successful organisation is built upon a multitude of individual competence and abilities. For the organisation to benefit from the strengths and experiences of people coming from different backgrounds, equal opportunities will be given to all our employees to encourage them to maximize their potential in an open and positive environment.

No person who comes into contact with MSIG shall be denied access or be prevented from any areas of employment because of their race, colour, sex, age, disability, national origin, creed, religious affiliation, union status, sexual orientation or any other personal traits and preferences that are unrelated to the objective requirements of the job.