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As of December 2018, MSIG is 1st in Marine Cargo

Protect your cargo anywhere across the globe

Whether importing, exporting or simply moving cargo, your own or somebody else’s, it is important that it reaches the destination safely. But during transit, via air, sea and land, your goods are exposed to numerous risks, and the financial consequences can really set you back.

MSIG caters to importers and exporters needs and customise them according to your requirements.

Steer your goods safely

The MSIG Marine Insurance policy offers a wide choice of covers with cost saving competitive rates. It has a fast and efficient policy processing and claims handling system, in addition to the loss prevention and risk management services.

MSIG’s has an extensive global network of over 200 survey and settling agents which means we can handle shipments to and from every part of the world. 

With industrialisation of Malaysia, movement of cargo and related service is vital for business to succeed. Marine Insurance undeniably plays an important role to provide insurance cover from “door to door”. Hence “one stop” Insurers like MSIG provides not only comprehensive insurance coverage but expertise as well as professional claim services.

MSIG is Malaysia's largest Marine Cargo insurance provider. The following case highlights what can go wrong and how MSIG provides coverage and professional claims services to clients.

A consignment of expensive raw material was imported by air. On arrival, when the cargo was being cleared and loaded to deliver to the customer’s premises, a gang of robbers struck. Armed and dangerous, they overpowered the security personnel and fled with the cargo. The whole consignment was lost and the customer not only lost the goods but also the business opportunity which is irreplaceable.

Fortunately, insurance coverage was arranged here in Malaysia, the client submitted the claims with MSIG who promptly settled the claim. The client recovered their losses to enable them to minimise any business opportunity lost. Confidence in MSIG enabled them to continue their business with no interruption caused by such unexpected incident.

MSIG's international global network of over 200 survey and settling agents around the world, enable claims for your overseas cargo shipped administered overseas.

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